Scoutbook and Facebook

All parents have been invited to “Scoutbook.” This is where we are tracking the progress for each scout. You can join if you’d like to view your scout’s progress, and you can also report when he finishes a requirement outside of meetings as well. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. We also have a secret Facebook group for sharing photos, and we’d like to invite you to join. Since it’s “secret,” it can’t be viewed or found by anyone outside the group, so if you’d like to join, your best bet is to friend-request a leader (temporary is OK) to be added to the group. If you have a friend in the group they can add you as well.

Popcorn sales

I’d like to encourage everyone to keep at it with the popcorn sale.  The goal is $300 in sales or $100 donation.  Orders are due to pack leaders by October 28th.  There are lots of incentives, including throwing a pie in my face.  More information is available at

October Pack Meeting

Our pack meeting will be on the second Tuesday, October 13th in the Bolin Gym at 6:30pm. If you haven’t turned in your application (new scouts only) or $35 registration fee, this would be a good opportunity.


Welcome to the Cub Scout Pack 147 website. Pack 147 is based in East Peoria, IL and is chartered by the East Peoria VFW Post #2078.